Customer Portal Page

We are excited about offering another fast, secure, and convenient channel for doing business with you!
Our new customer portal features include:
Place orders
View invoices
View order status
Order tracking
Check real-time pricing and availability on products
Make secure payments online through Billtrust
Request, Review, and manage quotes
All your information, all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have an account in order to purchase products from the customer portal page?

Yes, you will need to have an account with us in order to purchase products. If you do not have an account, and would like one, you can register here:

How can I pay my invoices through the portal page?

We have partnered up with Billtrust in order to provide a safe and secure way to make payments online. Click the ‘Pay My Invoices’ button, and then input your bank account and routing number in the fields provided.

What do I do if I cannot find my product?

There are a few ways to go about this. You can build a quote on our portal page. Just provide the catalog # or customer part and quantity. If you do not have access to the part number, you can also upload a product photo. From the home page, scroll down past the featured brands and you will see the option to upload a picture of the product you’d like to order. Once you upload the photo, please provide us with a little description of the product and the quantity desired. Then press ‘Add to cart.’ Once you are in the shopping cart, there is a button that says, ‘request a quote.’ Press this and one of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly.

How do I search for my past orders?

Under Orders & Invoices in your account page, click on filter orders. You will be prompted to input Order #, Catalog #, Job Name, Status, Source, Customer PO, Order Date, Ship Date, Total, or Account #. If one of the fields is completed, the portal page will pull up all the orders associated with that information. By inputting the Order # or Customer PO, the portal page will narrow the search to that specific order. For a wider range, you may also input a time frame in the order date section.

Can I download and print out copies of invoices?

Yes! Not only can you download and print out copies of invoices, but you can also download and print proof of deliveries, orders, credit memos, and quotes. To print invoices, click on the invoices tab under my account page. On the right-hand side, there is an icon of an eye. Click on the icon and you will be redirected onto a page that gives you the option to download, save, and print. The truck icon beside the eye icon is the proof of delivery document. As for the orders, credit memos, and quotes documents, click on the maroon order number and you will be given the option to download, save, and print these items as well.

Can I associate a nick name or word with a certain product?

Yes, it is now possible to associate keywords with any product on the portal page. Click on any product and then click the ‘ADD KEYWORD’ button. Type in a nick name or keyword in the space provided and then click ‘SAVE KEYWORD.’

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